ABACUS Brain Development    

This is an appropriate program for seeding up the potential in your child to perform hard calculations in short time. This structure also gives a booster to overcome computation obstacles. It turns the young fellow to a super brain master who can workout a sequence of multiple jobs at a time.
Course Structure

Abacus is the course for children of 5-14 years. The course will be completed in 7 stages. The time taken for completion of the total course is 24 months.

Stage 1 : Number of classes 12
Stage 2 : Number of classes 12
Stage 3 : Number of classes 12
Stage 4 : Number of classes 12
Stage 5 : Number of classes 16
Stage 6 : Number of classes 16
Stage 7 : Number of classes 16
Classes will be held once in every week and each stage is of 3/4months.
Certificates and progress reports will be handed over after every session. Progress reports will also show the children performance, attendance etc.
Students enrolled in Proview Abacus will get several kits like – one T-shirt,  a bag, an attractive abacus tool, books of all levels and other stationeries.
The Abacus course design helps to recover the students who are –
Afraid of computation.
Unwilling participating competition.
Weak in Progress.
Undesired to new challenges
Irresponsible about career.
Unable to concentrate.

Proview Abacus simplifies these students to a new one who will be –

Numerical Analyst
Creative and imaginative
Quick functioning and Confident
Challenging and Defensive
Satisfactory in future corporate world
Proview Abacus helps children to grow up in the right direction but in a different and successful style. We initially train children to perform computation with the help of abacus tools. We also train visualization, memorization in this section. We noticed after training, the childs mind is so enriched that rather than using abacus, they take only the images in their mind and perform calculations using the brain as the calculator. Our memory management training improves the childrens recollection power and analyzing power as an extra benefit with boosting computational ability.


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