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Proview Abacus is a children Brain development organization. The journey of Proview Abacus started in Jan, 2010. Our head office is in Kolkata, India. Our aim is to remove your children’s fear for numbers. Proview Abacus comes into programs after a long research. These programs focus on developing various skills in children. Our promise is to make your child career in a right direction.

We believe every child have potentials within them. And it’s our duty to improve their brain power. We always follow the fun learning methodology. Proview Abacus promises you to grow your child’s Brainpower, Memory, Concentration, Confidence and Accuracy with the help of Abacus. Children who have gone through this program have benefited tremendously in term of Skill improvement in Mental and abacus calculations. Our Centre not only makes your child success with numbers but also builds Self Confidence.  We always believe to get the best result constant communication between Parent, Teacher and the Child always need.  

We promise to improve our program quality, performance and methodology in future. Need your co-operation to make a successful career of your child.





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